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Employment at David R Webb

David R Webb currently employs more than 500 people in its facilities in the USA. We are always interested in committed, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals that wish to join our teams. We provide opportunities for careers in log procurement, veneer production, and sales. The membership to Danzer opens opportunities for international careers and the constant exchange of information and knowledge.

We also offer programs to students at any stage of their college education with programs such as practical trainings, internships, and co-op opportunities. Through these programs participants will be involved in the day-to-day operations of the student’s field of choice. This can be log procurement, production, sales, administration, and alike. These positions are available to all interested and qualified students with a profound interest in the high quality hardwood veneer industry.

As a member of Danzer we are also part of the Danzer Fellowship program. This trainee program is especially tailored towards the needs of the wood products industry in general and Danzer in particular. The Danzer Fellowship addresses highly qualified university graduates with degrees in forestry science, wood science, and related fields. It provides a unique opportunity to receive further education and international theoretical and practical training in the wood products and veneer industry.

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Job Openings

– no current openings –

Although there are no specific openings available at this time, please do not hesitate to contact Judie Johnson if you are interested in joining our organization. Applications can be considered and evaluated on an individual basis.

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